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Table Data
Version Release 6030 Traditional Table Data - December 2010
Member Price: $7,500.00
Non-Member Price: $15,000.00

Version Release 6030 Table Data. Table Data contains raw data - all the syntactical and textual information found in the X12 standards - intended for uploading to a syntax analyzer or other application. Available now!

Version Release 6030 (CD-ROM Single-User)
Member Price: $450.00
Non-Member Price: $850.00

Version Release 6030 contains more than 315 X12 Transaction Sets approved for publication through the preceding October 2010 meeting of ASC X12. For other Version Releases, please type the Release number (4010, 5050, etc.) into the search box on the left and click GO.

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An Annual Release is a complete set of X12 standards used in Electronic Data Interchange. Each release includes the latest in- novations and updates to the X12 standards made by the com- mittee. Each release also includes updated versions of the ASC X12 Control Standards, the rules of the road for EDI. The X12 Annual Release is the most authoritative and widely used presen- tation of the X12 Standard which is essential to planning and administrating a successful EDI implementation. Order the most recent release for up-to-date transaction information reflecting the latest data maintenance changes.

Twice a year, following the February and June X12 Trimester Meetings the X12 Standards are republished in a "Subrelease". The Subrelease highlights changes made to the standard since the previous Annual Release. Subreleases are now published only in electronic form.

X12 Transaction Sets are intended for implementation. During trial use they are subject to revision. After that, they are processed according to ANSI procedures and published as American Na- tional Standards. Most companies implement current X12 releases rather than American National Standards.

Each release and subrelease represents a "snapshot" in time of a standards database that is continually evolving. The snapshot contains all the changes to the standards approved through a cer- tain date. This includes new standards approved since the previous release or subrelease.

Different releases and subreleases are NOT compatible. Trans- action sets, segments, and data elements must all be used at the same version/release level. Releases and subreleases are designated by a six-digit code that can represent a version, release, and subrelease level. For example, Version 3, Release 6, Subrelease 2 is designated "003062." When commonly referring to releases and subreleases, the first two zeros of the code are dropped and "003062" becomes "3062." In this catalog, we will employ this abbreviation and refer to all releases and subreleases by the last four digits of the code.