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EDIINT Guideline (PDF)
Member Price: $45.00
Non-Member Price: $90.00

ANSI ASC X12 Guideline on Implementing EDIINT for Secure and Reliable Internet Transport of Messages. Provides a comprehensive “cross-industry” guide to recommended parameters and settings in software compliant to the IETF standards of EDIINT AS1, AS2, AS3.

Model EDI Audit Guide
Member Price: $16.00
Non-Member Price: $33.00

Members of the electronic commerce community now have a standard by which they can set up a consistent audit procedure when implementing EDI. The Audit Guide addresses transmission controls, translation software controls, information security controls, and usage of legal agreements regarding EDI. The program provides a set of guidelines for evaluating control issues that are unique to EDI and is meant to be used as an addendum to, rather than as a substitute for, existing application audit programs.

The EC/EDI Glossary of Terms
Member Price: $6.00
Non-Member Price: $11.00

A unique glossary of terms referencing EDI and Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce including EDI Terminology, Internet and the World Wide Web and other EC and Industry Specific Terminology.

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