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Purpose And Scope

X12J - Technical Assessment
Purpose And Scope

Officers List



Peter D. Pruyne, XeoHealth


(619) 847-0222

Vice Chair

Jim Taylor, MarineNet LLC


(314) 495-5055

PRB Representative

Peter D. Pruyne, XeoHealth


(619) 847-0222

Subcommittee Representatives

X12C Representative

Rick Rodgers, Rick Rodgers, IM


(706) 570-5320

X12C TAS Alt. Representative


X12F Representative

Bruce Svoboda, Bank of America


(312) 992-0876

X12F TAS Alt. Representative

Candace Marton, Boost Payment Solutions


(646) 507-5213

X12I Representative

Dana Morton, FedEx


(469) 524-6430

X12I TAS Alt. Representative

Tom Bolling, Jr., Tom Bolling, ME


(404) 253-3611

X12I TAS Alt. Representative

Christopher Hight, Railinc


(919) 651-5291

X12M Representative

Rita Laur, GS1 Canada


(416) 380-2509ext 2269

X12M TAS Alt. Representative

Steven Rosenberg, GS1 US


(609) 620-4524

X12N Representative

LuAnn P. Hetherington, Highmark Inc.

X12N TAS Alt. Representative

Becky Kimmick, State Farm Insurance Companies


(309) 212-6235

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